Checking SSH Private Keys for Passphrases

Imposing ridiculously over the top security policies? Want to make sure any SSH private keys on your jump-off/administration server have a passphrase?

Don’t waste time trying to get expect working…

expect <

Just look at the damn file (thanks @ealexhudson and @Azquelt) and check if it’s got ‘Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED’ in.


root@a-server ~ # find /home/*/.ssh/ -name "id_*sa" -exec grep -L ENCRYPTED {} \; | wc -l


root@a-server ~ # find /home/*/.ssh/ -name "id_*sa" -exec grep -l ENCRYPTED {} \; | wc -l

Lovely. This of course doesn’t solve the issue of checking, from the SSH public keys, whether the private keys have passphrases or not.

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