Bitlbee -> Facebook rename script update

If you’ve recently noticed that your renamed users in bitlbee have changed back to UIDs, it’s probably because Facebook have changed their UID string from being ‘uNNNNNN’ to ‘-NNNNNN’. Not a huge problem, just change the script:

% diff
<   if($channel == $bitlbeeChannel && $nick == $username && $nick =~ m/^ud+/ && $host == “”)
>   if($channel == $bitlbeeChannel && $nick == $username && $nick =~ m/^-d+/ && $host == “”)
<     $server->command(“whois $nick”);
>     $server->command(“whois ”$nick”“);

(My) updated version here. Hope this helps at least one person.


@TheSamoth has pointed out that new bitlbee (v >=1.2.5)doesn’t actually require the rename script, as it has the functionality built in and can be enabled with. Thanks!

account set facebook/nick_source full_name

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